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Dear Entrepreneur
Let’s face it. While everyone agreed that there are almost limitless opportunities on the internet now for any company to acquire new customers, make more sales and increase their profits, everyone also agreed that trying to maximize the opportunity is not so easy anymore..

Everyone also agreed that building an online business OR taking some of your present offline business to the internet can be hard! It’s basically the one subject online that you can’t fake. Either your business is making money and profiting online or its not.

Now, you’ll have to define how you want to make money online as it can be different for various people. Some people want to build their own internet empire that makes them millions. Others just want to create a comfortable living with the freedom to do the things they love and helping other executives and companies increase their profits online.
Others still just want to take advantage of the opportunity of the explosion...
in the internet marketplace to help companies and Entrepreneurs who do not have the time to do it themselves, take advantage of the amazing sales and profits opportunities available on the internet .

Neither of the above are wrong. It’s just that you have to be clear on which road or path you want to take. However, regardless of the path you do choose, there is one crucial factor that will determine whether or not you will succeed in your online endeavors.

And that’s getting the correct knowledge. Read that again. Not just any knowledge. But the CORRECT KNOWLEDGE! 
Unfortunately, with SOOO much information spreading around the internet, the task of getting the correct information to succeed online is easier said than done.
Getting Information Alone Isn’t The Answer.
It’s Getting THE RIGHT Information That’s The Key!
It amazes me that a lot of people think because they bought a $7 dollar eBook or read some blog post from 2003, that they know everything they need to in order to be successful online. Don’t make me laugh.

If it were that simple, then everyone would be doing it right? But yet, here we are. Tons of people buying tons of courses only to never see the internet riches promised at the end of the rainbow. 
Today, we’re going to change all that. See, it’s not just about gathering information. Heck you could even buy that guru-guy or guru-gal’s $2,997.00 course and still wind up failing.

So why is that? Why is it that a lot of people spend tons of money on information, but still fail miserably?   
I’ll explain why in a moment, but first...
You have to understand that you can gather information all day long. Even after doing so, you still have to know the CORRECT SEQUENCE the information goes in.

This is like someone who’s given all the numbers to the vault code for Ft. Knox. If they get it open, then all the multi trillions of dollars in gold is theirs. But there’s only one problem. They don’t know the correct order of the numbers for the code.

So just like those people, you find yourself in the same place. Gathering tons of information, but not knowing the exact steps to take to get the desired outcome to internet riches and online success.
So What’s The Real Secret To Succeeding Online In Whatever Path You Choose?
First and foremost, you must be willing to do what 98% of the people who try to succeed online don’t do. And that’s being committed to taking action. But not when you feel like it. You must be willing to take action at the very moment opportunity presents itself.

After you’ve committed to taking action, then you have to sometimes be willing to reinvent yourself and learn new, relevant, and up to date skills that will make your products or services you offer extremely valuable while getting you paid now.

Next, you have to get the right road map to where YOU want to go online. Let me explain… 
See, Everyone Wants To ‘Make Money’ Online. But Most People Don’t Define HOW They Want To Make Money
Do you want to...
Sell physical products?
Sell digital products?
Sell other people’s products for a commission?
Generate leads for companies and sell the leads to them?
Run a digital agency generating traffic for companies for a monthly fee?
Become a freelancer and make money working for various clients while traveling the world?
As you can see, there are a number of ways to make money online and this is why people continue to fail. Maybe it’s why you’ve failed. All because you didn’t hunker down on a given method that aligned with who you are as a person.

Honestly, I can see why you would have trouble with that. Spending money here and there with no real guidance can only end in disaster. Especially if you have made a huge investment in some coaching course and don’t have another couple of grand to fork around. 
But What If You Didn’t Have To Go Through That Anymore? What If:
You could learn a number of tactics and honed in on the one that made sense to you? 
The information to do so was all laid out in an easy to follow step by step training?
You could get a tried and true sustainable online empire or successful freelancing income?
You could get access to that information within the next 5 minutes?
Introducing ...
The American Internet Business School
A Comprehensive 6-Course Training And Certification Program For Mastering Digital Marketing In 3 Months Or Less
Why The American Internet Business School? 
Because It’s The Only Place Where Online Entrepreneurs and Executives Can Learn To Succeed And Achieve Their Online Business Goals. 
You’ll find everything you need in our one of a kind online training center. Whether you want to build a digital product to sell, do affiliate marketing, do freelance work, or even start your own agency, you’ll have access to all the up to date training you’ll ever need! Here are just a few samples of some of the training courses you’ll find inside.


Info Marketing Mastery
One of the greatest commodities on the planet is information. People will pay through the nose to find the solution to problems. In this training, I’ll show you how to start from scratch and build your a digital info empire or create info products you can charge clients.
Here’s an overview of the training


The Key To Succeeding With Info Products

Creating The Right Marketing Plan From The Start

The Top 5 Information Niches With A Lot of Profit

Researching Niches That Pay

Determining If The Niche You Select Can Accommodate Your Financial Goals

Researching Competitors Info Products on Clickbank

Researching Competitors Products on JVZoo and Warrior Plus

Determining The Type of Info Product You'll Create

Creating Your Outline For Your Information Product

Creating Your Bonuses For Your Information Product

Creating A Salesletter For Your Info Product

Creating A Video Sales Letter For Your Info Product

Creating A Free Offer For Your Info Product

Setting Up The Funnel For Your Info Product

Creating The Email Follow Up For Your Info Product


E-commerce Mastery
Ecom is all the rage right now. But if you’ve been hesitant to jump in and secure your piece of the pie, don’t worry. You’ll learn all the necessary steps to help you get a Ecom empire up and running quickly. Whether for yourself or your doing the tasks for future clients.
Here’s an overview of the training


Getting The Right Mindset & Mentality

Where Will You Sell Your Products?

Setting Up & Selling Products on eBay

Ecommerce Resources You’ll Need

Setting Up & Selling Your Products Through Shopify

Private Label

Don't Forget Seasonal Trends and Opportunities

Using Watchcount For Research

Short Term Profit or Scaling?

Introduction Into Drop Shipping & Resources

Sourcing Products Via Alibaba

Pricing Strategies To Increase Profits

Creating Your Own Products

Maximizing Your Profit With The Same Traffic

Creating a Lifestyle Blog Around Your Market's Products

Creating Recurring Offers

Offering Product Upsells and Cross Sells

Creating Your Brand

Exit Strategy


Freelancing Mastery
One of the greatest commodities on the planet is information. People will pay through the nose to find the solution to problems. In this training, I’ll show you how to start from scratch and build your a digital info empire or create info products you can charge clients.
Here’s an overview of the training


What Is Freelancing and How Can You Make Money With It

What Makes A Freelancer Successful?

What Are The Most Common Practices In Freelancing?

What Are The Benefits Of Freelancing?

Lexicon And Must Know Of Freelancer

Where Can You Offer Your Freelance Services? 

Where Can You Hunt For Job?

Setting Up Your Online Freelance Profile

Optimizing Your Freelance Profile

Dominating The Hottest Traffic Methods For Attracting Clients

How To Deal With The New Client And Retained The Ones That Have Hired You Before

Freelancing Dos And Don’ts 

Outsourcing Your Job And Other Advance Strategies 

Shocking Freelancing Case Studies

Places Where You Can Offer Your Services.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery
One of the greatest business opportunities online is to be an affiliate. Why? Because you get to make money without having the responsibility of servicing customers and/or products. If that’s up your alley then you’ll love this training.
Here’s an overview of the training

Introduction Into Affiliate Marketing

The #1 Mistake To Avoid As An Affiliate

Putting Together Your Affiliate Website - Part 1

Putting Together Your Affiliate Website - Part 2

Research Part 1 - Profitable Markets

Research Part 2 - Choosing Affiliate Networks

Research Part 3 - Gathering Keywords

Developing Your Content Strategy

Affiliate Blog Posts

Affiliate Video Reviews

Optimizing Your Content With SEO

Paid Traffic vs. Free Traffic

The Secret To Maximizing Affiliate Profits

Moving From Affiliate to Super Affiliate

Creating Private Deals As A Super Affiliate

Having Your Own Product and Keep All the Profits (After Testing)

Becoming An Amazon Affiliate

Doing Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research

Pinterest YouTube Affiliate Strategy

Linking Your Amazon Affiliate Links


Traffic Generation Mastery
In this training, I’ll take you from A to Z when it comes to generating traffic online. After you go through this module, you’ll have everything you need to start generating traffic to any offer, product, or service for yourself or your clients from day one.
Here’s an overview of the training


Why Online Traffic Is Important

Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Mastering The Traffic Game

Traffic Strategy # 1- Press Releases

Traffic Strategy # 2 - Long Tail Keywords

Traffic Strategy # 3 - Article Marketing

Traffic Strategy # 4 - Guest Posting

Traffic Strategy # 5 - Us Net Ads

Traffic Strategy # 6 - Facebook Groups

Traffic Strategy # 7 - Forum Traffic

Traffic Strategy # 8 - Slideshow Traffic

Traffic Strategy # 9 - Level 2 Social Media Networks

Traffic Strategy # 10 - Twitter Traffic

Traffic Strategy # 11 - Level 2 Video Networks

Traffic Strategy # 12 - YouTube Traffic

Traffic Strategy #13 - SlideShare Traffic

Traffic Strategy # 14 - Pinterest Traffic

Traffic Strategy #15 - Quora Traffic

Traffic Strategy # 16 - Joint Venture Connections


Digital Advertising Mastery
One of the greatest things about paid traffic is that it allows you to get results fast! We’ve gone through a ton of the popular advertising platforms and broken down the steps to start getting results with each one. We’ll share it live on screen.
Here’s an overview of the training

Introduction To Digital Advertising

The #1 Mindset To Have When It Comes To Digital Advertising

The Different Types of Ads You Can Run

Researching The Target Market

Constructing Your Ad - Part #1

Constructing Your Ad - Part #2

Running Ads Via Twitter

Running Ads Via Facebook

Running Ads Via Reddit

Running Ads Via Snapchat

Running Ads Via Google and YouTube

Running Ads Via Linkedin

Running Ads Via Bing

Running Ads Via Instagram

Running Ads Via Pinterest

Direct To Site Advertising

Running Propeller Ads

Creating Your Own Digital Advertising Agency

Creating Your Client Funnel

Getting Clients To Say Yes

Along With This Top Notch High Quality Training, You’ll Also Receive Online Certifications To Boost Your Earning Power Even More!
Most online courses or trainings just give you a handful of videos and leave you hanging out to dry. You login, watch some training, and...well...hope for the best. But that’s where the American Internet Business School differs.

We want your investment in AIBS to pay you dividends for years to come. That’s why we’ve integrated the ability to: 
Take A Quiz After Each Video Training
It’s one thing to just watch a bunch of videos. It’s another to make sure that you’re actually learning the material and will be able to use it in your own business or for freelancing work.

That’s why at the end of each video, you’ll receive a short series of questions that you’ll have to answer to make sure you’re getting what you need from the video training.

It’s a great way to learn and retain the knowledge, thus making putting you head and shoulders above the competition. 
Receive Certifications For A Growing Global Marketplace
Along with the exams that you’ll take at the end of the videos, you’ll also receive online certifications that you can use with your online profiles at a number of freelancing sites. This alone will increase your value in the marketplace as you’ll have verifiable data that you actually know how to perform all the methods laid out in the various trainings.

And while there may be tons of sites that provide some level of training, The American Internet Business School is one of the few that will provide your certification verification to 3rd parties. Thus making your skill set more valuable in the eyes of potential employers and clients.
Friend, Trying To Figure This Out On Your Own Could Take You Multiple Years And A Small Fortune!
Of course you could try and learn all this on your own. You could continue to spend thousands of dollars year after year and hopefully windup with a fraction of what I’m going to lay out for you here all in one place. But my question is, “why would you want to?”

Especially when all trainings included in (name of program) stack one on top of the other like a successful bag of Legos. You’ll not only get the correct foundations in (name of program), but you’ll be able to take on any opportunity that presents itself now and in the future.

All because you’ll know HOW to build any online business and make it sustainable. Not that flash in the pan crap that’s here today and gone tonight.

I’m talking about true online business skills that gets you paid and that people will pay you top dollar to perform for them. 
But Just To Make Sure You Get Off To The Best Start Possible, I’m Going To Include Quick Start Checklists & Mindmaps To Help You Succeed Even Faster!
I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that likes to know what the steps are to any process or money making model I want to achieve online.

While having all the tutorials are great, I’m going to also include checklists and Mindmaps that you can download in each module that will show you how to approach getting results in an ordered manner.

Nothing will be left to guessing on your part. If you want to get results, these checklists are the best way to do it along with the video training. 

Also, Just To Calm Any Fears, I’m Going To Assume All The Risk Today. That’s Why Your Purchase Is...
100% Protected By My Simple Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee
When you get access to (name of program) today, I’m going to make sure your purchase is 100% secured. Go ahead and go through the information and put it to the test. See for yourself how you’ll be light years ahead of 98% of the people who try to build a sustainable online business.

And even after doing all of that for the next 30 days, if you still aren’t 100% convinced that (name of program) delivers on the value promised, I’ll refund your purchase right down to the very last penny. Sounds fair? 
Will You FINALLY Build The Income You Desire That Can Give You A Lifestyle of Freedom? 
Or Will You Continue To Do The Same Old Thing Hoping For Things To Be Different One Day? 
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people doing the same thing day in and day out, expecting for things to change or be different. That’s called insanity. 

And that’s what I want you to avoid. You’re never going to see the financial freedom you desire staying stuck where you are. What you need is a step by step roadmap to help lead you to a tried and true online business you can be proud of, regardless if that’s working for yourself or working for potential clients.

Sure, you could find some ‘loophole’, but as with most people, those things tend to have a short shelf life. And then what? You’re back to the drawing board trying to figure out your next ‘scheme’. 
And is that what you really want? To have an inconsistent up and down roller coaster of income or do you want to be so profitable that you can start saving for retirement, travel the world, and even leave an inheritance to those who matter most to you?

I’m sure you want to truly live life on your terms right? So with that being said... 
Let’s Go Ahead and Get You Signed Up Today...
So as you can see, The American Internet Business School has everything you need. You can literally start going through the training in the next 5 minutes!

Plus, the investment in this one of a kind training is extremely low compared to all the value you’re getting. So it just makes sense to get access now right? Especially since the price can rise at any time. 

So go ahead and use the option on this page below now. Once you do, you’ll be take to a secure order page where all of your information will not only be protected, but also 100% encrypted for safe purchase.

And after you purchase, you’ll be able to access this phenomenal training in only a few minutes from now! 
Go Ahead And Use The Button Below Now 
And I’ll See You On The Inside
Your low investment is completely covered by a 30-day money back guarantee
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