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Important Notice About The N.F.S Program

Dear Netpreneur, please note that while everything described on this page and the testimonials on this page are 100% true, they are NOT designed to serve as a guarantee of income that YOU would make. We don’t know YOU or how hard or seriously you would work our program. We don’t even know if you would even do anything with all the awesome materials we will be providing to you. So, the income projections and testimonials are designed to give you an idea of what's possible if you are dedicated to your own success and if you are willing to follow instructions, put in the effort, and grow as an entrepreneur.
Be sure to check out our full income disclaimer IN our Terms And Conditions’ below.

Important Note About Our Cancellation Policy

You can cancel at any time during your trial period, no questions asked.
You can also cancel at any time, again no questions asked, after the trial period has ended. However, because we would have given you access to all our products and resources that took us months and a lot of resources to put together, we can only cancel your account at your request after the trial period is over. 

You will not be entitled to any monthly fees you have paid before your cancellation date.

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