Congrats on securing you NFS License…. now would you like to get

everything set up for you without you having to lift a finger?

Your Complete Setup, Custom Configuration & Installation Plan 
The Is A Professional & Complete Done-For-You 
Installation, Configuration & Set-Up Service
Of Your Franchise Packages for only $97
For The Busy Or Non-Techie Ranchisee!
While the Netpreneur Franchise Package comes with everything you will need to start making money now,
you still need to get the different parts set up and configured, particularly the done-for-you Squeeze pages to your own custom domain.
You will also need to connect...
The Ready-Made Squeeze Pages To The Landing Pages And Also Set Up Other Ready-Make Marketing Tools... have been provided in your own custom site, including the follow up emails, banners and blog etc.

From my experience during my guru wannabe days, I know many people ARE EXCITED TO GET MANY DONE-FOR-YOU PRODUCTS and packages but get frustrated when it comes to customizing and installing them under their own brand. 

For many people just thinking about installing a Squeeze page, OR SETTING UP THEIR OWN CUSTOM Autoresponder Account with the follow up emails or connecting the different pieces to work like a well-oiled machine, though very easy to do, is a scary nightmare. 
Though we have included detailed tutorials that make it easy for you to customize these tools, and install it on your own personal domains, in the members area, we found out that many newbies, or even veterans, who are scared of even the most basic technical tasks still prefer to get it done by somebody else…

Even many of those who have no phobia for technical tasks, or who have no problems following the easy processes for installation and customization vides we have provided in the members area, still prefer to save the time and energy by getting a special virtual assistant to get it done for them.  

Many of these Netpreneurs often concluded, and wisely too, that the little amount of money they will pay for the Concierge service will save them a lot of time and energy they can apply to actually running their franchisees and making money. 
We get this and we have you covered with the...
Netpreneur Franchisee
With the NFS CONCIERGE SERVICE, we will take all the installation,
configuration and setup tasks out of your hand, and...
Help You Get Everything Up And Running,
So You Do Not Have To Lift A Finger In Setting Up
The Netpreneur Franchisee Concierge service basically gives you your own virtual assistant to help you get everything turned into a turnkey machine with nothing to do on your part other than directing traffic to it.

With this Concierge Service you won’t have to get frustrated, or give up on your dreams like many have done with other programs, because you do not like dealing with anything technical or you are just not wired to do stuff like that. 
With the NFS CONCIERGE SERVICE, we take all the pain of installation, customization and configuration away from you and put it on our shoulders by appointing a...
Dedicated Franchisee Virtual Assistant to do it all for you within 48 hours of obtaining you franchise license
In summary Here are the different tasks...
YOUR PERSONAL NFS concierge will provide for you within the next 72 hours of purchasing your license:

Complete CUSTOM Installation

Of all the parts of the Netpreneur franchise Package ON YOUR OWN CUSTOM DOMAIN (i.e. including squeeze pages; Product linkages to the squeeze page; follow up emails set up etc)

Installation and Setup

Of all your personalized squeeze pages on your own domain or subdomain

Creation and Setup

Of Your Own Custom Franchisee Blog with all your franchise product graphic banners installed with your franchisee links so you get credits for all sales on your blog. This Blog will be in your own preferred name, preferred domain etc

Setup & Configuration Of Follow Up Emails 

On your Autoresponder. So, your prospects will automatically be receiving your own personalized emails from the money they opted in. This was you own and control your list exclusively

Setting & Connecting Ready-made Funnels 

To your squeeze pages so the customer can flow from product to product on auto-pilot

Free Annual Hosting Of Your Domain 

And all your funnels (we will pay for your hosting after you have given us your domain. This itself will save you hundreds of dollars each year in hosting fees!) 
With the Netpreneur Franchisee Concierge Service, you can
quickly get up and running with making money
Instead Of First Sweating Out The Customization Of The Awesome Packages You Have Just Purchased

Important Notice About The N.F.S Program

Dear Netpreneur, please note that while everything described on this page and the testimonials on this page are 100% true, they are NOT designed to serve as a guarantee of income that YOU would make. We don’t know YOU or how hard or seriously you would work our program. We don’t even know if you would even do anything with all the awesome materials we will be providing to you. So, the income projections and testimonials are designed to give you an idea of what's possible if you are dedicated to your own success and if you are willing to follow instructions, put in the effort, and grow as an entrepreneur.
Be sure to check out our full income disclaimer IN our Terms And Conditions’ below.

Important Note About Our Cancellation Policy

You can cancel at any time during your trial period, no questions asked.
You can also cancel at any time, again no questions asked, after the trial period has ended. However, because we would have given you access to all our products and resources that took us months and a lot of resources to put together, we can only cancel your account at your request after the trial period is over. 

You will not be entitled to any monthly fees you have paid before your cancellation date.

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