Your Social Daddy Software Is On The Way… but I will like to introduce you to the Social Daddy’s 
Now Here Comes
The Social Media  Consultant Marketing Kit  For Converting More Businesses  Into Social Media Clients Paying YOU Thousands Of Dollars Each Month For Doing Very Little Work ...
Everything  In The Social Media Consultant Kit Has Has Been Done For You.
Simply Grab This Amazing Kit , Edit It However You Want, and Let this professional package become your business rain-maker!
Dear Offline Marketers,

As a Local Marketing Consultant, getting new Social Media clients can be difficult at times because business owners simply have NO IDEA about the power and potential of Social Media Marketing.

Many small businesses have tried to get started on Social Media only to be discouraged due to lack of time, lack of skills, and frustration - so they definitely need help.

One major problem is that they are not consistently engaging with their audience with valuable, relevant content - which is the only way to truly see a return on their Social Media Marketing efforts...
... and this is where you come in.

This brand new “The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Super Hero Kit” is the ultimate solution for high-quality Social Media Marketing content that you can EASILY edit however you want and brand as your own and grow your Offline business.

Being able to convert your prospects into brand new clients is one the most important tasks for being successful…

But the problem is... it’s one of the HARDEST things to do.

Obviously, the best way to accomplish this is by educating them on actionable ways to increase their online exposure in the local market.

At the same time, you need to be able to display a certain level of expertise.

Unfortunately, this is where most Consultants fall short.

You probably know what you WANT to say, but putting it all together in a professional, yet SIMPLE format that offline business owners can understand just isn't that easy.

But you need to have content out there that presents you as the authority, builds credibility, and positions you as the expert that you are if you want to convert more leads into new CLIENTS.

Content is KING, so it cannot be ignored when it comes to getting more local business owners to contact you for your services, respond to your phone calls, or agree to meet with you.

Let's look at this package in more detail...
In Order To Generate Leads EFFECTIVELY,
Your Content Needs To:
  •  Be Written In SIMPLE Terms That They Can Clearly Understand
  •  Help You Establish An EMOTIONAL Connection With Readers 
  •  Give You INSTANT EXPERT Status, Build TRUST, & BOOST Credibility 
  •  EDUCATE Your Audience & SOFT-SELL Your Services 
  •  Move Your Audience to TAKE ACTION 
But the PROBLEM Is...
  •  Creating Good Lead Gen Content Is NOT EASY
  •  Creating Lead Gen Content Takes A Lot of TIME That You Don't Have to Spare 
  •  Paying Someone To Custom-Create This Content For You Is EXPENSIVE 
Wouldn't It Be SO Much EASIER to 
Have a Done-For-You Solution?
We have removed ALL of the stress... saving you a lot of TIME and a lot of MONEY. This ready-to-go package of content will take some of the pressure off of your lead generation efforts.
The best part is that you are getting it at a FRACTION OF THE COST of what you would pay to have someone custom-create it for you...
Just edit the content however you want, add your name to it, and let it work for you 24/7 on complete AUTO-PILOT...

Social Daddy Consultant’s
Ready-to-Go Marketing Website
eYour website is one of the great indicators of how serious clients should take you and your business.

With this professionally created social media agency website, You’ll be bagging clients in no time. 

You will get the instant credibility that would make clients want to appoint you as their Social Media management czar even before they have spoken to you or your staff.

Though your website has been crafted by our professional copywriters and designers, we understand you might want some control over your content as your business grows.

That’s exactly why we build it for you in Wordpress.

 Meaning you can edit all your content without any technical knowledge. And of course, your website is completely mobile responsive!

• Fully Mobile Responsive
• Highly SEO optimized so prospects can easily locate you on search engines
• Full Agency Website: Including about us, services, contact us, portfolio, case study, etc.

Social Daddy Consultant’s 
Lead Generation Magnets
To win social media customers, you have to get your foot in the door and build your reputation as a serious professional who is on top of his game. 

These 3 Super-hero Lead Magnets have been professionally created to help you get your foot in the door, build your list and give you instant credibility with your social media client prospects and customers.

Your Prospects will love them because these are extremely valuable information to them and they can easily digest them in one gulp and then ask you to step up and deliver your services.

Lead Magnet #I .
A Brand New Give-Away Report Titled:
"25 Ways To Use Your Company’s Social Media Accounts To Make More Sales And Increase Your Profits "

Just edit however you want, add your name to it, and INSTANTLY establish credibility as a online Marketing Specialist! 

Ecover PSD Included and Report Comes in MS Word (.doc) and Powerpoint style formats for EASY Editing!

Lead Magnet #II.
Professionally compiled report: "70 Ways To Boost Your Online Business Using Social Media..."

This Lead magnet comes with some very creative suggestions, ideas, tactics, and strategies for companies to boost their business with social media.

This Special report is yours to use and edit however you want, add your name to it, and INSTANTLY establish credibility as a Online Marketing Specialist!

Ecover PSD Included and Report Comes in MS Word (.doc) and Powerpoint style formats for EASY Editing!
Lead Magnet #III.
Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Social Media Manager
[Lead Generator Handout]

Want a Quick Reference Sheet to educate your prospects on what to look for in a social media manager? This professionally done Q and A handouts for your prospects will not only give them value , it will also endear you to them
You will also receive this cheat sheet as a go-to source when you need to pull out some stats related to Social Media Usage...

Give it away as a part of your lead generation strategy, include in your meeting materials, share snippets on social media, or however else you need to use the content to generate more Offline business...

Ideas for Using these 3 Social Media Daddy's Lead Magnet Reports:
  • Add to it or edit it however you want and give away to generate new leads for your services
  •  Use it as a training guide in live meetings or webinars with Offline business owners 
  •  Package it up and sell it with your service offerings however you see fit 
  •  Use it as a jump-start to create additional related content to grow your Offline Business 
  •  ... and MUCH more! 

PLUS...Tool #3.
Social Daddy’s
“Email Marketing Cheat Sheet”
Here's a Peek Inside:
Cutting Edge STEP BY STEP Strategies to convert Social Media Client prospects into customers And Increase Your Customer Acquisition Dramatically With Email Marketing!
This 60-PAGE Guide will teach you how to convert prospect into clients and re-awaken ‘dead’ clients like a pro for your social media marketing business
PLUS...Tool #4.
“25 Top-Quality Social Daddy’s 
Articles On Facebook; Twitter; Linkedin; and Instagram” 
These top level articles will help you to Up your blogs and websites for organic client conversion
You need fresh articles on your blog and an autoresponder to keep your blogs humming and build up organic traffic from the internet with your content.
These articles will give you a great start towards publishing content for your audience. You can never have too much good content to keep Offline Business Owners on your site longer, as well as opening up your emails.

You will receive 30 Professionally-Written PLR Articles that you can edit however you want and put them on your blog, load them into your email autoresponder system, or any other way you want to use them in your marketing funnel!
Here Are The Article Titles:
  • 3 Tips to Get More Social Media Attention
  •  7 Tips for a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy 
  •  So I Created A Profile On Facebook, Now What 
  •  4 Tips For Enhancing Your Social Media Posts 
  •  4 Social Media Tools That Will Help You Save Time 
  •  4 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts 
  •  3 Tips For Communicating with Your Social Media Audience 
  •  How to Increase Loyalty and Retention on Social Media 
  •  4 Ways to Create Social Media Buzz for Your Brand 
  •  3 Social Media Tips for Gaining Authority Status in Your Local Market 
PLUS...Tool #5:
Social Media Super Hero
Business Infographics Pack
PLUS Tool #6:
Social Media Super Hero's
Facebook Live Authority
"Discover How To Use Facebook LIVE To Attract More Customers, Build Your Brand And Make More Sales For Your Business"
Facebook Live is one of the hottest innovations in social media and every self-respecting Social Media Consultant should know how to use Facebook Live to build their consultancy business.
In This comprehensive course that is now a must-have companion for serious social media managers and consultants, You'll Find Out The Steps To Getting Started And Make The Most Out of Facebook Live
You will get the ebook, the checklist; Resource Checklist and the Mindmap that will get you rocking and gathering clients on social media like a pro.
PLUS... Tool #7:
Social Media Daddy’s
Powerpoint Presentations
PLUS...Tool #8
Social Media Daddy’s
Sales Presentation Video
Want a Nice Video to Educate and Impress Website Visitors?

Or... to Publish on YouTube to Generate New Leads?
You will receive this NICE lead gen video with a professional U.S. voice over that instantly positions YOU as the EXPERT!
It runs over 3 minutes long and presents some hard-hitting facts & statistics about Social Media Usage, which is great for helping you close the deal...
PLUS, you get the PowerPoint slides used to create the video - all of the animations are built-in so it's READY-TO-GO for your next meeting, webinar, training session or live event with an Offline Business Owner!
You will receive it in MS PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx) and OpenOffice formats for EASY editing
Direct Mail 
Invitation/Proposal Letter
Want a Quick Way to Reach Out to Local Business Owners?

You will also receive this lead gen letter that you can edit however you want, add your details, and mail or email it out to local business owners. 

This letter was written to help you introduce yourself and offer your content as a way to help them out...
 And the Best Part Is...
Having this package of content custom-
created would EASILY cost you over $1,500+.
But you won't have to pay that today...
My goal with this offer is to OVER-DELIVER!
Just To Recap... You Are Getting:
For the price you would have to pay for just ONE decent 500 words article, you are getting...
  • A PLR Report Titled: "40 Social Media Content Ideas for Small Businesses"
  •  A PLR Guide Titled: "Social Media Analytics for Small Businesses" 
  •  A Brand New PowerPoint Sales Video & Presentation 
  •  10 Brand New Social Media Marketing PLR Articles 
  •  Social Media Marketing Stats Cheat Sheet 
  •  Direct Mail / Email Lead Gen Letter 
  •  MP3 Voice Over File Used to Create the Video 
  •  Professional Editable Ecover for the Reports 
  •  Ecover Provided in PNG, JPG, and PSD Formats for Easy Editing 
  •  All Documents Provided in MS Word, OpenOffice, and Notepad Formats for Easy Editing 
  •  Video Provided in MP4 Format for Easy Branding 
  •  PowerPoint Slides Provided in PPT and OpenOffice Formats for Easy Editing 
Click the Button Below for INSTANT Access!
Grab This LIMITED-TIME Special PLR Offer At A Great Price Today!
To Your Success!

Dr. Ope Banwo

P.S. If you're looking for a REAL way to generate more leads for your offline business, this package is PERFECT for newbies AND experts alike. 

All you need to do is put this pack into action and let it do some of the heavy-lifting for you.

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