Discover How to Reach More People, Get More Traffic
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on Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Pages,
Unlimited Groups, and Multiple Websites
New Revolutionary Software posts your Live or Pre-recorded Videos as Live Videos everywhere, simultaneously!
From the Desk of: Dr Ope Banwo & Stephen Akintayo
To: All Executives, Marketers; Business Consultants; Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Dear Friend,

We are super excited share the exciting news about a brand new Live Video management software that will completely change the face of your business forever when it comes to using videos more effectively to explode marketing, increase your communication reach and generate more traffic and on your social media assets, blogs and websites .

This amazing new software is called Livematic, and it is the ultimate Video Software for deploying Viral Live Videos, using both live and pre-recorded videos as Live broadcasts on unlimited Facebook pages; groups; profiles; blogs and websites.
This new Live Video manager is full of so many revolutionary new features... would not find together in any of the existing live video managers out there.

Livematic is the new game-changing product that elite marketers, business executives and business owners can now use to go live everywhere, simultaneously, on all their Facebook assets as well as all their blogs and websites.

With Livematic you can use both your live and pre-recorded videos, as the source of your Solo Broadcasts; One-On-One interviews; and as a Multi-Guest Talk Show to engage your visitors; prospects; customers; friends and followers, everywhere on your Facebook, websites and blogs audiences.
Here are some of the amazing things
you’ll discover how to do with Livematic:

You can Go live simultaneously 

on all your Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles as well as all your blog and websites

Reach more people, and get more traffic, with your videos and grow your business,

by maximizing videos on all your Facebook profiles, pages, groups, blogs and websites.

Create an engaging Q&A live broadcast in 3 simple clicks!

This format will allow you to show Facebook comments on the screen, along with other awesome live features.

Stream your live broadcasts to your Blogs and Websites 

to engage your audience to maximize traffic.

Use Your Live or Pre-Recorded Videos as Live Shows 

to unlimited FB Profiles; Groups and Pages.

Create an interview with fans, guests or friends in 3 simple clicks!

And any guest will be able to join from their computer or mobile phone.

Create a multi-person show with your fans, guests, or friends

in just 2 clicks! It’s fast & simple! Up to three people can be on the screen, and up to ten guests can be admitted into the virtual Lobby
Pretty amazing stuff, wouldn't you agree? 
And there's more...much, much more! But why would you - or should you - listen to us? 

Well, it's simple. We are the Livematic Team and our combined companies, Netpreneur360 and Gtext Media, have been responsible for creating several business management software that have helped many entrepreneurs and marketers maximize their profits online. 

Some of our previous software and products have also helped many of our customers improve their businesses, while making millions of dollars in profits.  

And during all that time, we learned a few valuable lessons.  
Lessons that got us to where we are today
Honestly, it's those lessons that led us to create Livematic, the ultimate tool for creating Viral Live Videos.

See, several months ago, like many other entrepreneurs and professionals just like you, we got really frustrated, while trying to use Live Videos to generate traffic to our websites, reach our many clients, coaching students and friends who follow us on our different Facebook pages, groups, profiles, or those who visit our blogs and websites. 

As successful Netpreneurs, we have created literally hundreds of Facebook Business pages; private and public groups ; and between the 2 of us, we have maxed out 7 different Facebook profiles over many years of giving value, and service to our business communities.  

In addition, we also have dozens of blogs and websites created for our different business ventures that needed to be serviced with fresh content, particularly videos. 
While we all got excited about business possibilities
...of using live videos on Facebook, Blogs and websites, it was a big source of frustration for us because we could not find any reliable tool that would allow us to communicate with all of our web assets simultaneously with one Live broadcast.

The few solutions out there for Live Video broadcasts do not allow simultaneous broadcasts to multiple profiles; multiple business pages and multiple groups. Very few still would even allow you to do live broadcasts to your blogs and websites. 

Even more frustrating was the fact that those few available solutions did not have options for us to use either live videos, or our pre-recorded videos, as the video source for our live broadcasts.  

Also, we wanted one software that would allow different types of broadcast formats such as multi-guest Live Talk Shows, one-on-one Live Interviews and Solo broadcasts. 
Finding the magic software
...that will address all these important critical areas of optimizing live videos proved elusive for months, and literally cost us thousands of dollars in fees.  We suffered huge losses in revenue as we jumped from one inadequate software to another. 

Finally, we got tired of trying to cobble different software together, or pay through our noses for solutions that do not address our major needs for using live videos to maximize our traffic, acquire more customers, and increase our sales online.

So, we combined our different teams of technical wizards, and tasked them to come up with one web-based solution that will combine these critical areas of need for maximizing live videos. 
Specifically, we came up with one integrated
software that will have the capability to:
Do live videos simultaneously on unlimited Facebook profiles; unlimited pages; unlimited groups and unlimited websites
Allow users to create different types of live events including Solo Broadcasts; Live Interviews or Host Live Talk Shows with several people in the virtual studio from all over the world showing up in the live show.
We also wanted a solution that would allow users to use either Live Events or pre-recorded videos as the video source for the live events on Social Media, Blogs and Websites
Finally, After 7 months of intensive coding, and lots of money invested, they finally
delivered a software that met these specifications and more.
Welcome to Livematic
The new revolutionary web-based software that lets you go live everywhere
Simultaneously, on unlimited fb pages; profiles; groups;
blogs; and websites with only 3 clicks!
With Livematic, anyone can now do Live Interviews,
Live broadcasts and Live shows
...regardless of technical ability, or level of experience. This web based application is as close to push button software use as you can get.  

There is nothing to download or install.  

You simply log in into its very user-friendly dashboard and go live like a Hollywood professional, literally in seconds! 

Some of those who have experienced this amazing easy to use software have said Livematic is so easy to use, even a caveman can use it. Now, we understand what it means to be frustrated trying to use emerging technology like Live Videos to improve your communication, get more traffic, make more sales, and generally improve your bottom line.  
On the other hand, we also understand how it feels to experience breakthrough in a business area that has been very daunting, and we also understand what it means to get access to a very easy to use tool that can significantly improve your marketing effectiveness, traffic generation and profitability as a business. 

Because of this, we both made a promise that if we ever discovered the secrets to becoming successful in any area of business, marketing, communication or generating traffic, we would share them with as many deserving people as we could. 
And we have done that with Livematic
We have already shared Livematic software with several people close to us including some select business associates, few family members and friends… and they couldn’t thank us enough.

And we have also enjoyed seeing the success Livematic has provided for them. But, we realized that practically anyone, and any business, interested in using videos to improve their communication efficiency, marketing reach and increase their profits, could benefit from Livematic. 

Which is why we are introducing Livematic to the whole world, and making same available for those who are smart enough to grasp its potential for improving their bottom line.  
To recap, with Livematic you can now: 

Go live simultaneously 

on all your Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles as well as unlimited blogs and websites

Reach more people with your videos

and grow your business by maximizing all your Facebook profiles, pages, groups, blog and websites assets

Use either Live or Pre-recorded videos

for Live Video broadcasts everywhere, simultaneously.

Do much more!

And do much, much more with your videos!
Again, as you can see the features
inside Livematic is nothing short of amazing
But, we don't want you to take my word for it. Instead, listen to what other people have to say about Livematic on our home page.

So, here's the deal: We've done everything in our power to ensure you will take your video marketing and communication to another level with this Product.

You can generate more traffic, more prospects and more sales for your business with the increased reach that Livematic makes possible for your videos. 

You can even use Livematic as a Business-In-a-Box by providing Live Broadcast services to your clients with our Agency license, that you would have an option to purchase once you have acquired the license to use it for your own business. 

And there's no doubt in my mind that you'll love Livematic once you start using it as part of your business arsenal. 
But, if by some off chance you happen not to love it, we are also offering a... 
100% Risk-Free 30 days Money Back Guarantee
That means you can actually give Livematic a try, and if - for any reason - you're not happy with it, we’ll quickly return every penny you paid back to you.

No hassles. No questions asked. 

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